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Private Sessions

Private Sessions

One-on-One Private Sessions

At Strides to Success, we meet every client where they are.  There are no cookie cutter programs.  Instead we evaluate the unique needs of every person and custom create an experience that works for them.  In one on one sessions, clients from as young as 4 and up work along side trained and experienced equine assisted learning (EAL) professionals to develop the skills they need to move forward in life with confidence.  Strides to Success is unique in that we offer both mental health services along side experiential learning services.  Sometimes, it’s not the right time for counseling so instead, clients can work with an EAL professional working on life skills.  The when clients are ready, our counselors can join sessions to meet more therapeutic goals both in a traditional office setting or on the barn with our horse partners.  Or clients may start of in counseling then move into EAL to apply what they have learned in therapy while working with our horses.  In our work with the horses, we primarily focus on relation work on the ground but may incorporate mounted work if we feel like it would be helpful.  One on one work provides to low distraction environment with our horse partners to work on goals related to stress and anxiety management, social skills, life transitions and other life challenges. We offer a full continuum of services.

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