• Eqiuyo- The horse human bond through the practice of yoga- downloadable e-book.

    A beautiful book describing basic yoga asana practice while mounted on your horse helping you to become a more balanced rider and human partner with your horse.


  • Equine assisted learning for people with Cerebral Palsy

    Online course focused on the diagnosis and EAL strategies for working with people with cerebral palsy.


  • Online Course : The horse 101

    An introductory course to basic horse knowledge and management.  Perfect for volunteers and new interns or apprentices.


  • Online Course: Equine Business Development

    Basic business development including business planning and setup, basic accounting and much more.  Taught by our HorseWork Associate Alexandra Moran from Boulder Ridge Equestrians.


  • Online Course:Introduction to Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy

    The first online course in equine assisted learning and therapy!  This introduction covers foundations and theory as well as industry guidelines used by PATH Intl for operation and professional competencies.  Approved CEU.


  • Online Lesson Planning 101

    A detailed breakdown of creating equine assisted and therapeutic riding lesson plans. Perfect for new interns or apprentices.


  • Sunshine horse pendant in Sterling silver- Pendant only

    Sterling silver horse sunshine pendant.

  • Treasures Curriculum

    Our newest curriculum developed by the team at HorseWork at Strides to Success.  Grounded in the hi-quality you expect from our team includes 12 weeks of ground activities with built-in flexibility to me the ever-changing needs of the groups and individuals we work with.


  • Treasures Training Workshop

    Pay for the Treasures workshop.


  • VETS- Veterans Equine Transition program

    The long-awaited VETS curriculum is finally done and we couldn’t be more excited!!  This amazing resource includes three different curricula in one book including a program for groups, a program using natural horsemanship one-on-one with a client and a 5-week chronic pain program.


  • Ground Activities and Tools

    The book for ground based activities and facilitation tools!


  • 100+ Mounted Equine Activities, Lessons and Ideas

    This is the “go to” therapeutic riding activity book in the industry!


  • The ABC’s of School Programs

    Complete guide to designing and implementing school based equine programs.


  • Cowboy Poetry Curriculum

    Nationally recognized elementary and middle school character skills curriculum connected to state standards.


  • Marvelous Minis

    Miniature horse program curriculum using state standards.


  • Reading with Rosie

    A research based equine assisted literacy program.


  • Journey of the Spirit Horse

    EAL curriculum for high school students with a Native American thematic approach.


  • Journey of the Hero

    EAL curriculum based on the work of Joseph Campbell, taking clients on the journey of a hero. This item is currently out of stock.  Please email for details.


  • Surviving Fatherhood

    An EAL curriculum for absentee parents and their children through Survivor themed horse interaction. This item is currently out of stock.  Please email for details.


  • Kids from the Inside Out

    Research based EAP redevelopment and recovery curriculum for trauma victims.


  • VETS program payment

    Payment for a 75 minute Veterans Equine Transition Services lesson.


  • Yoga on Horseback Payment

    Payment for a one hour mounted yoga lesson.


  • EAL Lesson Payment

    Payment for a standard one hour equine assisted learning lesson.


  • Therapeutic Riding Online Course

    The only online course in therapeutic riding that trains to the competencies for the PATH Intl Registered Instructor exam.  This course does not replace practical skill but is best when… Read the Rest »


  • EAL For Schools Marketing DVD

    Marketing tools for EAL school programs.