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About Strides

About Strides


Strides’ mission is to provide unique equine experiences that promote learning opportunities that strengthen and develop lives. Strides to Success combines a research-based learning model with metaphoric experiences that encourage personal growth and development in both adults and youth.


Because of the diverse range of expertise among our staff, Strides to Success custom builds the experience for each client. We do not offer canned programs but rather take the time to understand each individuals’ goals and needs to customize the equine experience for the best outcome. Strides menu of services includes three areas of service:

  • Mental Health Therapy with 4 licensed clinical therapists that have extensive experience in complex trauma, high conflict relationships, women issues, sexual abuse, behavioral issues, PTSD and attachment. Traditional talk therapy, art therapy, therapy incorporating horses and play therapy are all utilized depending on the client’s needs. A Speech-Language Therapist is also available.
  • Coaching /K.I.D. Mentoring programs for adults and children are offered utilizing both the farm, nature and experiences with horses. These programs serve individuals or groups that are seeking to make change or to explore how to maximize their given talents and strengths. This is our traditional equine assisted learning program helping navigate daily challenges. This service is led by experienced instructors with a variety of teaching, mental health and coaching backgrounds. 
  • VETS is our Veterans Equine-assisted Transitional Services.  This program is an evidence-based group or individual program for service members and their families.  We support veterans, active duty, reserve and retired service members and their families develop the life skills to navigate the stressors of living a military connected life.  Programs are custom created based on the individual needs of those who seek our services.
  • Professional Development/Trainings/Workshops are offered throughout the year to help EAL professionals, educators or therapists learn the advanced facilitation skills needed for this work. We know that you love what you do, and we want you to do what you love, and make a living at what you love to do!”
  • Leadership development and team building is a unique service we offer to organizations who are looking for opportunities to build their teams.  Our group and individual sessions can help teams become more cohesive, more productive and motivated to move your organization forward.  Interaction with horses helps us to recognize the gaps in our behaviors and habits.  Facilitated activities can then help us to practice more productive ways of team functioning.  Strides to Success even serves as a perfect retreat site.  Sit back, relax and be productive.  Call us for more details. 


Why reinvent the wheel? Strides to Success was the first center in the United States to become accredited incorporating mental health standards.  Strides to Success is nationally recognized for the creation of many proven equine-assisted curriculums and resources. Our resources also include school-based equine-assisted learning curricula, and activity resources. Strides also offers in-depth and researched mental health treatment plans and processes.


Feel free to call or email us if you have questions. Call us 317-838-7002 or email us