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Registered Horsework Facilitators lined against a wall smiling

Registered HorseWork Facilitators

The following professionals have completed the HorseWork Facilitator training and are registered as HorseWork Facilitators.  They have demonstrated the approved equine assisted learning professional competencies in both horse skills and human skills.  They are considered dually-qualified professionals in equine assisted learning.  While we recognize that they each carry their own unique set of skills, competencies, and certifications outside of HorseWork at Strides to Success, each of them agrees to uphold the ethics, guidelines and core values of HorseWork.

Group of women smiling for a photo
The staff at Mainstay: Jean Maraist, Roxie Crandall, Tina Kranz, Carla Kaizen. Illinois, US.
Woman in scarf and glasses smiling for camera
Dana Amburgey, Indiana, US
Shadowy picture of woman smiling
Elysia Buss, Washington, US
Blonde haired woman with sunglasses in her hair
Autumn Coxe, Indiana, US
Headshot of woman in vest with slat wooden wall background
Kellly Epperson, Indiana, US
Headshot of a blonde woman
Bettina Jacobson, Canada
Woman with curly hair smiling
Suzanne Maxwell, Texas, US
Woman in heavy coat standing in front of dark horse
Chithra Rogers, Singapore
Woman with necklace and long hair smiling
Lori Tuttle, California, US