Veterans Equine Transition (VETS) Services

Through collaboration with the Indianapolis Veterans Hospital, PATH International and the Wounded Warriors Project, this award-winning program brings veterans and horses together to support our service men and women with the transition from military life to civilian life. Learning how to rebuild relationships, find motivation and perseverance and to establish a new “normal” can be extremely challenging. By learning the language of horses and how horses simplify the problem solving process, veterans have the opportunity to learn the art of relationships, goal setting, creative thinking and decision-making. Highly committed staff can guide groups of 3-4 veterans through an amazing 10 weeks that can make significant life changes that can include:

  • Learn to have better control of symptoms of PTSD
  • Learn self regulation
  • Learn strategies to decrease “bad” stress
  • Learn how to find “good” stress that gives energy
  • Learn skills to reconnect and deepen relationships with family and friends
  • Learn how to be open to new possibilities
  • Learn how to make intentions clear
  • Find comfort in being with others that understand

Working with the horses can also serve our first responders.  Leadership in our police departments say that their officers come with many great skills but “soft” skills tend to get overlooked in their many trainings.  Soft skills can be utilized to defuse domestic situations and are particularly helpful when working with juveniles.

Private sessions are also available upon request. Contact us at for more information.



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