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Treasures Curriculum


Our newest curriculum developed by the team at HorseWork at Strides to Success.  Grounded in the hi-quality you expect from our team includes 12 weeks of ground activities with built-in flexibility to me the ever-changing needs of the groups and individuals we work with.

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Our newest curriculum, Treasures, is finally here!!!  We are very proud of this resource and are excited to share it with you.  We piloted the program over the last few years with wonderful success and are sure you will have the same success.  It is geared toward youth at risk but can be used with any population and any type of equine.  You can customize the succession of lessons to fit the needs of your group of equine-assisted learning client.   Each lesson is built much like our other curricula with a foundation in the Search Insititute’s developmental assets and focuses on a critical skill each week.  The concept of this curriculum is to help the individuals you serve find their inner strengths, or Treasures, through 12 ground activities that will lead them toward success in life.  All the resources you need are included in the appendix.  Includes 10 new activities created by the intern team at Strides!

It has helped 100’s of kiddos already especially those that come from a residential treatment center with up to 20 youth per week over the last 3 years.  Working with groups can be challenging when there is no guarantee who will show up or how many will come.  So we built it with that needed flexibility in mind.  Help your students develop trust to connect with others and the courage to try through this resource!  Discover the hidden Treasures in everyone you work with!



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