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Surviving Fatherhood


An EAL curriculum for absentee parents and their children through Survivor themed horse interaction. This item is currently out of stock.  Please email for details.

Book cover with three pictures of people interacting with horses


This nationally recognized program is now available as a curriculum. Surviving Fatherhood is a ready to implement 8 week program is designed to help absentee parents create a better relationship with their children. Modeled after the popular Survivor television series, this program is destined to be a huge hit at your facility. The original program was developed in partnership with the National Fatherhood Initiative to create a positive common experience which a child and their parent could build a positive relationship. The horses represent that bridge in the strained relationship helping them to create a positive foundation to develop a healthy close bonded relationship. Complete with case studies and supporting research to make it grant ready! This item is currently out of stock.  Please email for details.


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