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On Connection

close-up of brown horse's eye

Ralph Waldo Emerson believed that “All creation is one.” He thought that we should try to live life in harmony with nature. In his works, he talks about our interconnectedness with all things.  Many philosophers and scientists are exploring how we are all connected, from the very benign and simple to the complicated depth of […]

Yoga on Horseback

woman doing yoga while on horseback

Reconnecting to the self through yoga on horseback Hollow, a word one can use to describe how we feel inside that is reflected on the outside.  We see it walking down a street noticing the expressions on faces of someone passing by.  We feel an empty space, a hint of something we have forgotten long […]

Horse ethics and the shifting mindset

brown horse standing in grass field with dark trees in background

In a recent survey of participants at a local clinic, it became very clear that horse people are moving into distinct groups, those that do it the “old way” and those that do it the “new way”. This survey prompted great discussion on how people interact with horses and that there is a movement toward […]

Horses help those with multiple sclerosis

girl with hand near horse's mouth looks up at it

Those of us who are lucky enough to share our lives with horses know the tremendous affect they have on our lives. But what about the lives of those struggling with chronic disease? At the front of the equine assisted activities continuum is therapeutic riding. The traditional picture of a child with a disability riding […]

What is equine assisted learning?

group of people in front of a horse while one person is riding

Trying to define equine assisted learning is like trying to ask a horse to stand still in a hurricane. Even those in the industry have a hard time agreeing on whether or not it is equine assisted, facilitated, integrated and experiential or guided. This author has been exploring that question for well over a year […]

Horses helping Hoosier heroes heal

man whispering in ear of horse as others nearby smile

“It’s a new normal” This is how Nick Bennett describes life after he was hit by a road side attack in Iraq in 2004. This phrase is common among service men and women who cope daily with the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from trauma experienced during their service. This symptoms of PTSD can […]