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Close up picture of Director Debbie

Debbie Anderson

Debbie has served in the animal assisted therapy industry for over 40 years. Debbie has held every position including lead stall cleaner, program director, board member, fundraiser, founder, executive director and has always been a great instructor. In addition to being involved on a program level, Debbie volunteered her time and energy to PATH International for the last twenty years serving on committees and on the PATH Board of Directors for ten years including four years on the Executive Board.

After years of traveling on the horse show circuit and training several world champion riders, Debbie settled in Indiana and co- founded Strides to Success with a vision of meeting community needs through EAL and Therapy programs.  Debbie also loves to serve as the welcome mentor for people that are new to EAL. She loves to listen to their vision and lend them any experience that may be helpful and guide them to resources that will help them make their dream a reality.

Debbie is a PATH certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor since 1996 and is also certified as an Equine Specialist is Mental Health & Learning. Additional certifications include Certified Equine
Interaction Professional in Education, E3A certified corporate trainer, and EAGALA trained and a HorseWork Master trainer.