Mental Health

Our mental health services include counseling and therapy resources provided by licensed professionals including clinical social workers, licensed marriage and family therapists and nationally certified parenting coordinators.   Therapists can provide traditional therapy for both children and adults,  but also can call on the horses and the expert Strides staff as additional resources. Specialties include child abuse, trauma, complex disorders, attachments disorders, adoption issues, teenage and youth challenges and children with special needs.

Strides to Success has two full time mental health practices on site and partners with several community organizations.  While equine assisted learning can be helpful to teach life skills, sometimes a more in depth therapeutic intervention is needed. Having the therapists on site, allows us to provide different levels of experiences based on the needs of the client. Often times our clients may begin working with a mental health professional and move into equine assisted learning when they are ready. Sessions are often reimbursable through insurance as our therapists are paneled with most insurance companies.

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