ABC’s of School Programming

Not offered to the public in 2022.  Call to schedule a training for your facility.

Last chance to join us virtual for this workshop and learn How to Secure School Contracts from $5,000 to $200,000!

This will be the first time we are offering this workshop virtual so you can attend from your own home keeping everyone safe and healthy.  Our nation’s schools have identified at-risk and disadvantaged youth that are Disengaged from the educational process, largely due to negative behaviors. Negative behaviors can often come from a variety of difficult neighborhood, community, family and school situations that have caused some students to be fearful of failure in the traditional school setting and shut down emotionally. Especially with current factors of kids learning virtually, they need horses more than ever.  When the students are in the shutdown mode, they are not in a learning readiness state and therefore fall behind in school and eventually many leave the education process. The number of expulsions and suspensions is on the rise in schools all across the nation. Many schools are not equipped to instruct basic life skills that could teach students how to handle their personal situations in a positive manner and prevent them from leaving the school environment. Strides to Success was created to work in partnership with the schools to provide innovative programming for these students and the school’s teaching staff.

Since 2004, Strides has introduced hundreds of other equine professionals to the process of incorporating programs into the school culture. Workshop attendees will learn how to seek out the decision makers, share the value of equine assisted learning, design funded programs and develop collaborative contracts to meet the goals and objectives of educational institutions. This workshop is designed for center administrators, educators, program directors, instructors, teachers or anyone who is responsible for developing and contacting the schools to initiate Equine Assisted Learning programs.

This workshop will cover the following subjects:

  • Identifying and assessing school needs
  • How to make your center a resource that schools can’t live without including virtual options during the pandemic and precautions of in person learning
  • Contacting and approaching key decision makers
  • Finding common ground between the barn and schools
  • Designing pilot programs
  • How to create budgets and get programs funded
  • Evaluations & Rubrics Education Terminology
  • Facilitating an EFL school-based program & sample curricula
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