Finesse of Facillitation

This workshop will be only be offered off site in 2016.  If you are interested in hosting, please contact us for details.

Strides to Success is excited to announce the next phase in the HorseWork series. Level 2 intensives take specific skills and break them down to help you hone your skills. The Level 2 Facilitation workshop is truly a unique experience combining the over 40 years of facilitator experience with the thrill of experiential education. HorseWork participants will embark on a traditional experiential education experience which could involve a mission to mars, low ropes challenge course or group initiatives off site Strides to Success.  Participants will work to successfully navigate and complete tasks that involve teamwork, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The responses required during the challenge will reflect group dynamics; provide real-time learning, personal growth and an opportunity to compare routine, reactions and attitudes. Sound familiar? By becoming a student, we are reminded of what is needed from our guides and facilitators. We are extremely honored to have formed this great partnership that is out of this world, literally! As we return to earth and specifically, return to the arena and the horses, we will explore different learning styles, the necessary skills and responsibilities of a leader and the dynamics of facilitation. The lessons learned from this experience will serve toward a better understanding group dynamics, effective facilitation, how to shift activities for different outcomes and the finesse and skill of debriefing an activity. In true HORSEWORK style, there will be plenty of time for hands on arena activities as well as time for creating a plan to put into place when you get home. The goal of the HORSEWORK LEVEL l workshop is to help you create a business plan that supports long term growth and sustainable practices so you can earn a living doing what you love. The HORSEWORK LEVEL 2 workshops take it to the next level and help you become not just good at your job but set you apart as being the best.

Location: Strides to Success, Plainfield, IN
Cost: $425 includes lunches, Challenger
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