About Strides


Strides’ mission is to provide unique equine experiences that promote learning opportunities that  strengthen and develop lives. Strides to Success combines a research based learning model with metaphoric experiences that encourage personal growth and development in both adults and youth.


Because of the diverse range of expertise among the staff, Strides to Success custom builds the experience for each client. We do not offer canned programs but rather we take the time to understand each individual and custom tailor mounted and unmounted interaction with our horses for the best outcomes.


We offer different types of workshops throughout the year to help people learn the skills needed to love what you do, do what you love, and make a living at what you love to do!”


Strides to Success is nationally recognized for the creation of equine assisted curriculum and resources. Our resources include school based equine assisted learning and mental health curricula, and activity resources. The Cowboy Poetry curriculum is currently being offered in all 50 states.


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